Mid Season Update


Mid season update.

Alot of things happend since our last blog, but we didnt forget about you, the followers, the fans, the ones who remind us what awesome things we do. On and off field. The ones who sometimes can’t stand another word about paintball but we always find an entry to bring it up.

So, before we proceed with current activities. A small summary of some of the things we did.

  • Reffing and managing a Friendly Cup leg at our favorite indoor field: Bullet factory Oudwoude.
  • Team BBQ’s
  • Designing flag’s
  • Visiting our Brothers from unknown mothers (thor) @ D19 for some relaxing none competitive shenanigans
  • Kicking ass at the same field during their Friendly Cup leg. (second place) great day!
  • Attending various fun day’s to help out Copinini Outdoor
  • Helping out at our home field @ Leeuwarden, wich wil look great when its done! (will do a special about it)

And then there was the 23 of juli…. Friendly Cup @ Oldenzaal. Run by the Paintballwarriors and Team Fearless. We came to rack up points and deny some for the competition, in wich we succeeded. Barely. This place has something we dont get, we never get into our routines and everyone always seem to have an off day there…

The field is a mix of forest littered with bunkers and structures, with one long path on one side from front to back, wich creates a fast lane for flanking. And the color scheme matched our Planet Eclipse HDE perfectly. In theory everything that we need and want in a field. Except for the width… you can shoot from side to side with ease and this made defending very easy. Since you always know from wich side the enemy comes you can dig in and wait. A skill that most of us dont have.

Easy to say, we learned alot that day. And on the bright side, we scored double the points we did last year! Overall it was a great day with less rain then expected.

We also got some sort of tradition going on there, for 2 years in a row we introduced a new team member there. In 2016 we had Nick (Mc Beast) and this year we brought along Dirk (The Punch). Because the field was so narrow we could keep an eye out on him, but after 2 games we were convinced and gave him the long awaited Black Eagle Team Patch. (not for sale). Dirk proved himself to be a great addition on and off the field. You can find more about him in the member section.

Next up on the 13th of August is the Friendly Cup leg @ Undefined in Wieringerwaard. Where we need to score some serious points to stay in the race. We are ready for a great day at one of our favorite fields, and hope to see you there!

Game on!


Weeks full of Paintball

The past few weeks were full off Paintball 😊 Staring with a day of field work on a new location in Kollumerpomp to prepare it for the upcoming VC(which turned out to be impossible due to lack of time), finding a different field to host the VC, attending the Perry Cup and last weekend the second leg of the VC(Friendly Cup) in Deventer.

After several years attending the VC we wanted to try something new to work on our game experience. A Facebook event for the Perry Cup @ de Naaldhof triggered our attention. The Perry Cup is somewhat of a known phenomenon in the Netherlands. Perrie van Maasacker started this cup 10 years ago as a one day event. The field is located in Oss and has a urban setup. Several types of bunkers like tries/buildings/hills/tunnels even a wooden shot down helicopter create a very challenging field. Lots of teams return annual to this cup, but for us it was the first time. Even the field was new to us. Only one member of the team went here ones before(2013, playing one NSC leg). To not have to get out of bed VERRY early we stayed at the hotel next to the field so we would be fresh and on time on the field. That kind of went sideways… but the evening was good for teambuilding 😝

Next day we were on the field at 8 AM sharp. It was a long day with 11 fast games(12 teams, every teams plays every other teams ones) which resulted in a 10th place. We learned a lot that day, most important lesson was to stick to our own game plan instead of trying to mold our game style to the team we were up against.

A week later it was time for the second leg of the VC. This time the Ghost Reapers had the honor to host the event. It took place at Paintball Deventer. This field was also entire new to us. We were finally able to attend with all 10 members, so the gang was finally back together 😊 Some members have some health issues at the time, so not everyone was able to play, but everyone was there 😊.

After the fieldwalk we were on for the third game of the day. As the field was really “woodsy” and has a somewhat simular layout as our home field we had no trouble adapting to the layout and after the lessons we learned from the Perry Cup we stuck with our most familiar team layout. Also our HDE clothes match perfectly with the collorscheme of the field.

From the start we had good results 😊 last year we had little to none points in the morning and had to switch up plans to get some points later on the day, but now we directly stated off with winning points 😊 After a day of exiting and sometimes close call games we took  the win. This was the first leg in all the years we attend the VC were we took home the first place 😊 We always had a somewhat steady top three, but never a first place. With 26 point we took a great leap in the overall score with the second place just getting 17 points.

Winning ones is one thing, but now we have to keep this score up. In the few weeks it is up to us to host the third leg. It will be at the Bullet Factory at Oudwoude which is an old milk factory, so only indoors.

After last week we are still trying to get the smiles of our faces but this will probably last for a while 😊 We hope to continue on this level for the rest of season. The fourth leg @ Gasselte will be the next test. Until then we can look back on a perfect weekend.

As always, our markers worked flawlessly and everybody is really happy with the silentness and efficiency of the Gtek’s 😊

A BIG THANKS to Copini Buitensport for having us as their home team and Planet Eclipse as well as Paintball Supplies for the believe and the material support so we will always have the best gear possible.

Black Eagles Out

Vriendschappelijke Competitie

”Friendly Competition”

Leg one. @paintballers Unit Ede 12-03-2017


After a few months of winter break activities like training, field work and visiting other fields, we finally got together again for the start of the season. Spirits were high, adrenaline was pumping and everyone was very eager to get out there and test our new markers. It was really awesome to see almost every member in full HDE camouflage with matching Gtek’s, a LV1.1 and a couple of 160R’s. This year we can’t blame the gear.

Too bad the field had an urban/scenario setting and only a few bushes and trees, but we used them and the HDE to our full advantage, the shadowy room’s and dark hallway’s didn’t require any form of camouflage since there were plenty of obstacles. But the next leg we get to use the environment again!

Games were fast and hard and shots came from every door opening and corner, and with so many flanking routes no plan or strategy had any chance. Only by adapting and sticking to a few designated roles we could take control and play the way we do best. Fast, with high risk and high rewards.

We learned the danger of those flanking routes the hard way. Which, in hindsight, cost us a few points which we needed in the end to take first place. But with the top 3 ending only 3 points within reach of each other we are happy to take home our first prize of the season and a hard fought 3rd place.

Lesson learned, we will be back, you aint seen nothing yet!

Black Eagles Out